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Extra Large Pictures

Due to the natural materials we use, pebbles and drift wood collected from various East coast beaches, the pebble art you receive will be the same design however, the pebbles and drift wood size and shape may vary slightly.

Extra large Pebble art pictures may be personalised with the addition of names, dates or a special quote. Please email us with your requirements once you have placed your order. A photo of the finished picture will be emailed to you prior to shipping.

Please note, as all pictures are hand crafted you should allow at least 7 days for your picture to arrive, this allows us to manufacture and ensure it is fully dry before shipping.

Water resistant glue is used when constructing your picture, these are generally safe to display in bathrooms, however it is advisable that tape is applied to the back of the picture to ensure no water is able to penetrate the picture. We do not recommend these pictures to be hung in high humidity areas.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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