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Mermaids Tears

Sea glass is often referred to as mermaids tears. The mermaids had the ability to change the course of nature, but were forbidden to do so by Neptune who was the ruler of the oceans.

One dark stormy night a schooner tried to gain safety in Friendly Cove off Nootka Island in the San Juans. A certain mermaid knew the ship and followed it into the cove. As the ship moved and rocked violently in the storm the captain lost his footing and fell towards the stormy sea. The Mermaid saw what was happening and immediately took control of the storm and calmed the waves and steadied the wind, This however changed the course of nature as she had saved the life of a human, who she had grown very fond of, and indeed in love with. Neptune was not pleased about what the mermaid had done and so sent her to the oceans depths never to swim with the ships and boats again, she never saw the schooner again, or her lost love, the captain of the ship.. Today, her tears of sadness can be found washed up on many beaches in the form or beautiful crystals of all colours, which as humans we mistake for sea glass.

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