More about sea glass and collecting

Sea glass is at the end of the day a discarded product, however over time the oceans work their magic and create fantastic one off pieces of smoothed sea glass gems. They are not easy to come by, you need the right place and lots of patience. however its relaxing and the sounds of the sea and the views over the beaches add an extra fascination to collecting sea glass.

Many beaches contain sea glass, some better than others, Seaham springs to mind as being an excellent location to collect from, despite the constant competition from other doing the same, we always look forward in anticipation to a trip to this beach, sometimes we are lucky and on other occasions not so lucky, but its the process of looking and searching for that one special piece that keeps you going, perhaps a piece of red sea glass, or even more rewarding a fused piece which often contains many different colours.

The process of turning often rough sea glass into stunning jewellery is time consuming, but so worth the effort. The results are obvious, amazing one off pieces of jewellery.

Perhaps the most interesting part of sea glass is its history and connection to us, its been in the sea for many years, often over 100 years, its directly connected to humans, we made it for a purpose, it served that purpose then was discarded only to return many years later as jewels of the ocean.

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