Sea glass or Beach Glass ?

Seaham Beach

Is there a difference ?, well it turns out that there is, you learn something new all the time!.

So what is the difference you ask, well I'm going to enlighten you.

Beach Glass

This is found near to salt water, but not in it, it is essentially glass that has been discarded or thrown away and left to the elements, over time, often 20 to 30 years, this glass is physically and chemically broken down, shaped and marked. Beach glass generally has a rougher finish to its surface than sea glass, it is still very collectable and is used by many people including us in the manufacture of jewellery.

Broken Coke bottle glass

Pictured above right is Seaham beach, a very famous beach in the North East of England renowned for its superb sea glass.

Pictured left is old broken and weather worn Coke bottle glass, much of what is collected these days was originally Coke bottles. Coke ( and other brands) are a popular drink.

Sea glass

This is again found on the beach, however this is found on the shore line, best finds are

Sea glass and beach glass

usually achieved as the tide recedes. Sea glass is again broken and discarded bottles which over many years are broken into smaller pieces and due to the action of the waves and sand is worn smoother than beach glass, this is perhaps more preferable to some sea glass jewellery makers, personally, I like both finishes and can look really stunning when paired together as a piece of jewellery.

Mgic potion bottle

So there you have it, there is actually a difference!, regardless of its origin sea glass or beach glass is amazing, they are the real gems of the sea, or beach depending on your choice of collecting location.

Sea glass sounds more romantic don't you think?, it conjures up thoughts of where it came from, was it a ship wreck lost in some huge deadly storm or some ancient bottle used to carry a potion or perhaps even a magic spell around in, then it was lost to the sea, until one day some lucky person stumbles upon it and lovingly makes it into a piece of stunning jewellery, the essence of sea glass captured in a decoration and worn with pride.

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