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First Craft Show

So the day of the show arrives.


The show was to be held at Fylingdales village hall, located just on the outskirts of Robin Hoods Bay, being craft show virgins, we felt the location was ideal to dip our toe into the world of craft shows. With some trepidation and a few nerves we arrive at 9am as instructed by the organisers, as before this time they explained that our allocated spot would devoid of a table and so not be ready for us to lay our goods upon.

White Beach Show stand

The organisers of the show are a fabulous couple who go by the names Diane and Neil, who run a company called Dippy Creative.

Diane greeted us and showed us to our spot, we quickly unloaded the car with way more boxes than I thought we had or even needed. 1 hour later and the stand is ready, banner in place, goods all priced and a bacon sandwich in hand to build energy for the forthcoming onslaught of customers with wads of money burning holes in their pockets.

White beach designs silver jewellery

At 10.30am prompt the doors flung open and the crowds burst in, well an oldish couple with a small dog staggered in out of the rain and slowly walked around the 20 odd stalls all laid out with crafty goods with eager sellers behind the stand, poised with wrapping paper and bags in readiness for their first sale.

20 minutes later they arrive at our stand, I said " We have a chance of a sale here, they have not bought anything yet, smile!". Pleasantries exchanged and knowing glances made at our wares, then off they went to the next stall and promptly purchased a woolly hat!, obviously not into fine sterling silver jewellery then.

White beach designs jewellery

Fortunately, the crowds did appear, and money was exchanged for goods at many of the stands including ours. Profit was being made until Andie decided she must have this amazing top and trousers from one of the other sellers, so the profits went down a little.

Overall the day went well, it rained, the sun came out, it rain a little more, then the sun came out again, people chatted and passed the time of day with us and also parted with their hard earned cash, with many positive comments being made throughout the day about how creative the stand looked and how much choice there was. At the end of the day, we had done well, we sold our wares, made a profit despite Andie spending some of it, we enjoyed the atmosphere and met some great people too. We will return here, and will also be attending many other shows throughout the year. Come along to one, you might enjoy it, and better still get to met us!, I might even give you an autograph.

Rope Bracelets

Lastly, we have a new arrival!, a new range of rope bracelets, here is a sneak peek at a couple of them, many more colours and sizes will be available soon, and will suit both men and women, all very reasonably priced of course.

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