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Caring and maintaining your White Beach Designs jewellery

Sterling silver bangle with sea glass and charm

Caring for your sterling silver and sea glass jewellery is simple and easy to do.

Please take a little time to read our help page, this will ensure that your jewellery is maintained and looks fabulous always

Please ensure you handle your jewellery carefully. We take time and pride to ensure the highest levels of manufacturing quality are maintained.

Always Store your jewellery in a box away from sunlight.

When wearing, please take care to ensure the clip is fully located as sea glass will break if you accidently drop it.

Sea glass jewellery
Green sea glass earrings

White Beach Designs recommends that you gently clean your jewellery with a soft cloth and warm water or a soft tooth brush, this will remove oils and makeup left on the chain and pendant.

You may also use an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, these provide an easy quick and safe way to clean your sea glass jewellery and keep it in tip top condition.

The colour of your sea glass may in time fade, this is often due to a build up of oils and makeup.

You can restore the look and colour of your sea glass by gently rubbing a few drops of mineral or baby oil over the sea glass, you may wish to use a sented oils which will not only produce a stunning colour but provide a pleasing fragrance.  

Sea glass jewellery
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