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Pebble art Commissions and Bespoke work

At White Beach Designs, we are always happy to discuss your requirements for a one off individual pebble art picture or series of pictures.

Pebble art pictures make a fantastic gift which can be personalised to your requirements.

Perhaps the pebble picture is a snapshot of a place or special memory, or just someone special.

All our pebble pictures are handmade, and unique as we never find the exact same pebbles, sea glass or drift wood twice.

Perhaps you want your family and your dog included, or something to mark a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding.

Our process makes it simple and easy to ensure you get exactly what you want.

1. Firstly, make contact with us via the email button below.

2. Simply request a commission, we will then discuss with you your requirements.

3. Once we have an outline of your idea, we will then produce a series of drafts for you to look at which will be emailed to you and make any changes to should you need to.

4. Once you are happy with the final design we will then manufacture you pictures, this normally takes 7 to 10 days to complete.

5. We will then contact you again for final approval and payment, it will then be shipped out to you via courier, this is normally a 24 to 48 service.

Please note a deposit of £10.00 per commission is required before any work will be carried out. this will be deducted from your final cost upon completion of the commission.

5 Easy steps

Pebble art picture
Pebble art picture
Pebble art pictures
Pebble art picture
Pebble art picture
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