What Is sea Glass?

Sea Glass is a natural product from a rather un-natural place.

Sea glass originates from many sources, unfortunately the main source is discarded bottles which are thrown into the oceans.

The waves eventually break up the glass into small pieces, and through the action of the waves and the abrasive qualities of sand the sharp and rough edges are worn away and you end up with sea glass.

Another source of sea glass is from waste glass which is dumped into the sea. This is especially the case in Seaham, a small town on the East coast of England where a thriving glass bottle manufacturer was situated until 1921. The waste glass was simply dumped over the cliff and left to the sea. When the factory closed the beach was covered in glass at various stages of de-composition, if fact the 'blast' beach was so bad that it was used in 1992 in the third Alien movie as the beach looked so close to an alien planet.

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